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Petunia White Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

Petunia White Ceramic Toothbrush Holder

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If your mantra is minimal = better, then this no-fuss ceramic toothbrush holder is the perfect pick for you. It keeps your toothbrush stored upright, allowing it to dry out between uses and keeps bacteria at bay.

Its quite the upgrade from perching your toothbrush on the vanity where it can fall victim to toilet overspray. Each pedestal accommodates one brush, and they come in two colors (cobalt blue and petunia white), so be sure to grab one for your spouse or partner as well.

Say goodbye to gross gunk and mildew on your toothbrush and keep your sink tidy and clutter free. Its compact size helps you maximize your bathroom counter space.

Key Attributes

  • Handmade
  • Exquisite ceramic glaze
  • Hollow bottom for effective water drainage
  • Non-slip unglazed base
  • Easy to wash and keep clean


Material: Diatomite + Clay
Function: Toothbrush Storage
Dimensions: 3*3*3 cm

Care Guide

Hand wash with soap and warm water. Air dry.

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"The holders compact size fits perfectly on my countertop and helps keep my bamboo toothbrush dry and free of mold. A true must have"

Kevin Wilka | ★★★★★

Our most frequently asked questions


What is the toothbrush holder made out of?

Our toothbrush holders are made of ceramic- diatomaceous earth.

Are these holders handmade?

Yes, each holder is made by hand.

Is the holder bottom open?

Yes, these toothbrush holders have a hollow base to prevent moisture build-up and thus inturn toothbrush molding.